B.O.M.B. Performance (2012-)

”B.O.M.B.-Beat Of Magic Box-” is the interactive session device, for musical novice participants. This device has wireless communication synchronization system that synchronizes musical scale and tempo (BPM) between multiple devices. Additionally, this device achieves intuitive interaction such as grasping the musical score in one hand. ”B.O.M.B.” system gives novice participants an opportunity to experience a cooperative music performance.

Demo Movie


Performance Movie


2013.10 Chiyoda Arts Festival 2013, Life Like Live 『B.O.M.B.』 Performance (@3331 Arts Chiyoda)
2013.08 Yamaguchi Mini Maker Faire 『B.O.M.B.』 Performance (@YCAM, Yamaguchi)
2013.08 YCAM DOMMUNE 『B.O.M.B.』 Performance (@YCAMDOMMUNE, Yamaguchi)
2013.06 MAMUSKA Tokyo 16 『B.O.M.B.』 Performance (@CSLAB, Tokyo Zokei University)
2013.04 Margaret Guthman Musical Instrument Competition 『B.O.M.B.』 Performance (@Georgia Tech, Atlanta)
2012.12 MakerFaireTokyo2012 “DIY MUSIC” 『B.O.M.B.』 Performance (@Miraikan)
2012.07 iiiExhibition Extra『B.O.M.B.』 Performance (@The Univ.of Tokyo)
2012.07 Kyoshitsu #3 『B.O.M.B.』Performance (@Nishi Azabu Bullet’s)